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Founded by Emma Pinnock, The Essential Education Group is a collective of support for schools, organisations and families who are supporting and living with special educational needs.

The Essential Education Group delivers a range of SEND services which include training, consultancy and assessments, which are all geared towards supporting the neurodiverse individual directly or through those who support them.

Our Vision

The Essential Education Group has the vision to have a national impact on special educational needs and autism specific services and training, whilst positively impacting the learning and lived experience of neurodiverse individuals.

Our Mission

The Essential Education Group achieves this by providing high quality therapeutic services and bespoke support to individuals and families, whilst further equipping the education system and person centered organisations to support neurodiversity more effectively, through training and consultancy.

Our Values

We strive ourselves on supporting lifelong opportunities for neurodiverse people, innovative thinking and practice, person-centred and well researched approaches. We value the voice of all our stakeholders which enables us to be holistic and thoughtful in our practice.

Emma Pinnock SEND

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