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Bérard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) supports the sensory integration approach.

Bérard Auditory Integration Training is a 10-day program which can significantly improve the sensory, amongst other, responses of the recipient.

It has been documented that Bérard AIT can have a direct impact on factors such as oversensitive hearing, listening skills, speech and language skills and emotional responses to the environment.

AIT can be used by both children and adults who experience a range of outcomes as a result of the music therapy.

A little information about Dr Bérard

At 34 years of age he developed Tinnitus which was leading to deafness, as a result, he developed a Music Therapy treatment out of the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis and cured his Tinnitus.

He then discovered that his daughter had learning difficulties and he discovered that the pattern of the way she heard sounds was different and he treated her with his method and her learning difficulties improved.

As a result of these amazing discoveries, people from throughout the world consulted him and he successfully helped those with learning difficulties and other problems including depression.

As a result of the great outcomes, an American family sought his help for their severely autistic daughter. Although he had not treated anyone with autism before, this turned out to be a huge success and a book was written in honour of Dr Bérard, called ‘The Sound of a Miracle’

Bérard AIT with EEG – what to expect

  • An assessment of past and present needs
  • 2 half an hour session a day over 10 days – a 2-day break is advisable after the first 5 days
  • When applicable a thorough hearing assessment will be carried out to determine individual need
  • High-quality aftercare and assessment

Recommended website for further information https://berardaitwebsite.com

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