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Screening & Assessments

Child Sensory Assessments, Dyslexia Assessments, Pre-diagnostic Work and learning Strategies.

Neurodiverse Individuals and their families are at the Heart of the Essential Education Group and carrying out screening and assessments can help determine how best to support the individual.

We pride ourselves on providing life impacting, person centred support which starts from screening and assessments including Child sensory assessments, Dyslexia Assessments and more to delivering effective training to schools supporting Neurodiverse individuals to uniquely take their place in the world.

Our services are tailored to the individual and the people who support them. We feel that families can move from surviving to thriving with the right confidence building knowledge and support.

Explore below our range of screening and assessments including child sensory assessments, Dyslexia assessments, pre-diagnostic work and more. 

Child sensory assessment

Family services start at
£75 for short consultation.
The following services are available through the Essential Education Group for Families. 

Observations and Report Writing

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Observations and report writing which can be used in discussions with schools and other agencies.

As a part of our family support work, we provide observations in and outside of the home. Observations of your child which are supported by research can give you a rich insight into their needs and strategies to support. We write reports which can help you with conversations with services, professionals and other family members.


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At the Essential Education Group we are aware of the Social care crisis and how this is impacting individuals and their families as they have lengthy wait times to gain professional insight into their or their child’s needs. Our pre- diagnostic tools can help to identify traits of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Sensory processing disorder and much more.

We use our tools and standardised screening assessments to support your understanding of your journey and to enhance your conversations with professionals and each other.

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Child sensory

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The sensory System is an essential area to understand as it can answer many questions about behaviour, emotions and learning. We deliver child sensory assessments and strategies to support.

support with

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In our opinion parents are very creative with strategies to support their children’s additional needs but we are also aware that new ideas from professionals are always welcomed.

We offer short and in-depth consultations which can help you to freshen your approach to supporting the additional needs in your family. From social stories to bespoke additional support, we can help you to further develop your strategies and skills.


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If you are home schooling or simply supporting your child’s approach to learning, it is important to understand how your child accesses learning and progresses academically. This can help you to support them in their development and emotional responses to learning and get the best out of your home schooling experience.


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Our Dyslexia assessments can help you to further understand your child’s learning Journey. Our dyslexia assessments come complete with a full diagnostic and report to support your child’s approach to literacy. 

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