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Are you ready to enhance your schools SEND Journey?

If the answer is yes, this online training community is right for you, your school and most importantly the children that you teach.

Over the last 20 years, there have been a number of initiatives and trends, which have enriched  and informed the approach to SEND teaching, learning and leadership and this platform wants to share this and more with your school.

With the expertise of the founder and the expertise of her network this platform offers cutting edge effective information, training and thought.

The present impact of funding cuts and local authority restrictions have undoubtedly led to a limit on resources, expertise and most importantly training opportunities for all teachers and this platform aims to support you to overcome the impacts of this.

At this crucial time for schools and most importantly the children we teach, we have to find new ways to train and support all of our teachers in a consistent, manageable and effective manner.

This is why the Essential Education Group has developed this online training portal which is solely dedicated to Special Educational Needs training and CPD.

This site promises you;

  • High quality training / CPD from a range of professionals
  • Weekly tutorials, resources and more
  • Access to your whole school, including your SEND governor, receptionist and site team if needed
  • Weekly reflection times – ask a question and join a live session for the answer
  • And most importantly your staff will feel more confident, more supported and more enabled to tackle the challenges of the modern-day classroom.

This platform will revolutionise our professions approach to training and CPD, it will enhance your whole school response to SEND and most importantly will enable you and your staff to further your skills in SEND teaching and learning.



How does this site work?
Once your school has joined our community, your teachers and additional staff can make an account of their own.   They will then gain access to weekly videos, resources or training. You will receive 39 videos, resources or training which reflects the school year but look out for our bonus materials too.
Is there lots of extra work as a result of the training?
The strength of this approach to training is that it is completely in your control.  The time, day and frequency is all up to you.   

There will be a steady flow of information from the EEG but your school and staff will be in control of how you use the platform and the information shared.

Is there a limit to the numbers of members my school can enrol?
There will be a limit for your school members but we have set the bar really high.   This limit is purely to help us manage the site and to deliver the best possible service to you all.   If you need a few more spaces do not hesitate to contact us. (more than 3 additions will incur a £25 charge per person for the year) 


less than 200 pupils  – 15 staff
201 – 350 pupils –  30 staff
351 – 500 pupils – 45 staff
501 – 700 pupils – 60 staff
701+ pupils –  70 staff

How do we contact you, if we need to know more?
Contact us at info@essentialeducationgroup.com for general enquiries

There will be a weekly reflection session, where the SENCo or nominated person from your school can ask a question or two.   Feel free to nominate up to 4 people from your school to support the sharing of good practice. 

The reflective sessions will happen via zoom.  There will also be an optional closed Facebook members area where all your staff can connect, collaborate and create.   

If something isn’t working as expected on the site contact us on support@essentialeducationgroup.com

How do we contact the premium professionals?
Premium professionals have a designated space on our main website essentialeducationgroup.com

Simply pop over and connect.  You can also get further training from the Essential Education Group see our training and CPD page on the website 

Choose your membership

LEARN WITH US 1 – upto 200 pupils

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Suitable for schools with less than 200 pupils  – (cap of 15 staff).

LEARN WITH US 2 – upto 350 pupils 

learn more
Suitable for schools with 201 – 350 pupils –  (cap of 30 staff).

LEARN WITH US 3 – up to 500 pupils 

learn more
Suitable for schools with 351 – 500 pupils – (cap of 45 staff).

LEARN WITH US 4 – upto 700 pupils 

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Suitable for schools with 501 – 700 pupils – (cap of 60 staff)

LEARN WITH US 5 – over 700 pupils


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Suitable for schools with 701+ pupils –  (cap of 70 staff)

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