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Founded by Emma Pinnock, The Essential Education Group is a collective of support for schools, organisations and families who are supporting and living with special educational needs. The Essential Education Group delivers a range of services which include training, consultancy and assessments, which are all geared towards supporting the neurodiverse individual directly or through those who support them.

Our Services

We offer a range of other services – including the following:

Training & CPD

We work with schools and organisations to support your CPD and training needs.

Family Services

Take a look at how we can support your family in understanding your journey and assist you in the next steps.


This highly specialised service can support your sensory and emotional needs.

Our Membership

The Essential Education Group Ltd has developed an online CPD platform which caters to all of your SEND training needs. The platform will provide weekly training videos. Share effective material resources to support the teaching and learning of SEND. There will be a collective of professionals on the platform sharing their specialisms, expertise and advice.

Our online training portal is a one stop SEND CPD spot. Where you staff can refresh or build upon their SEND knowledge. Gain confidence as well as CPD points. Our videos are suitable for individual or whole school development. With fresh material added regularly we pride ourselves in ensuring that your staff have access to high quality CPD, at any time of the day.


Emma carried out training for our Nursery staff on Autism. The training was very informative and Emma gave a clear insight into how practitioners can support children who have autism.

Emma’s passion and enthusiasm was evident throughout the training. She left the staff feeling empowered with their understanding of how a child with autism can be impacted by the everyday world……. 

Denise Ojo

Confirming your child is autistic can feel like a lonely process, but Emma made it so much easier. We first met with her as part of a family coaching session, when our daughter was in the earlier stages of diagnosis. The workshop allowed us to share how we were feeing about it all, and helped up understand our daughter so much more. What we didn’t expect was how it would help her sister; it has helped their relationship and dynamic……..

The Wilcox’s

We have worked with Emma to help our 14 year old son who has ASD. She has worked with us as parents as well as with his older brothers and sister to implement strategies and to help us understand life from his perspective. Emma has an encyclopaedic knowledge of ASD and its effect on those who are on the spectrum and those that live with them. Emma was able to help us untangle the knots we had got tied……..

Zoe Rhodes

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