Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, West Midlands

Zoe Rhodes Testimonial

We have worked with Emma to help our 14 year old son who has ASD. She has worked with us as parents as well as with his older brothers and sister to implement strategies and to help us understand life from his perspective. Emma has an encyclopaedic knowledge of ASD and its effect on those who are on the spectrum and those that live with them. Emma was able to help us untangle the knots we had got tied up in by helping us understand where we were in the journey.

When we began our journey with Emma, the whole family was stressed, we had little knowledge of our son’s sensory needs or how to deal with them. Emma was able to enlighten us in these areas which was information we hadn’t been able to obtain through other channels. We felt training provided by other agencies, such as NHS and social care, were limited and didn’t provide practical application. Emma’s training filled this gap.

She has been absolutely brilliant. She’s professional but friendly. The training she provides is accessible and fun. Emma’s enthusiasm and care is obvious and contagious.

We would recommend her to any parent.

Thank you Emma!

Zoe Rhodes

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