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Why online training for schools is the way forward  

It’s no secret that the time of teachers and SEND staff is precious. 

With good quality cover hard to find at short notice, we’re often pushed into eating up PPA or non-contact time with training. This can be draining for staff, travelling outside of their area for training, even within the area if the transport links are poor. Factor in additional costs like travel, even accommodation in some instances and training can begin to slip down the list of priorities.

When done ineffectually, we can see how all this impacts on children, and the depth and quality of CPD can take a hit. All this can lead to larger institutional problems at schools as everyone tries to cope with the strain of keeping CPD rates high and providing consistent teaching and support to pupils.

Online training is increasingly popular and is a great way to minimise disruption for both teachers and students. 

We’re no longer limited to multiple choice assignments online or poor quality videos. Video conference calls can bring together multiple people to learn as a group, from across borders and all done without excessive travel and time costs to budgets. Rather than traipsing across the county or city for a few hours of contact time, virtual contact can help us to learn without taking extra time from our day.

On-demand viewing is also much easier, as sessions can be recorded and viewed at a later date. Teachers and staff appreciate this flexibility, both in their personal and professional capacity. 

Costs of training are lower when delivered online, meaning more staff can access them, rather than relying on a funneled dissemination from the few who were chosen to attend an off-site session.

This online way of learning is now the way of the world; it’s impossible to ignore it. 

Massive online open courses (known as MOOCs) let world-class institutions share their knowledge without the entry barrier of geography or cost. Online training courses can take advantage of advanced technology and better design to offer appealing and, gasp, enjoyable ways to learn. 

With podcasts, streaming sites, audiobooks and social media we can connect with educators who may previously have been working and teaching in an isolated environment.

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