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The Wilcox’s Testimonial

Confirming your child is autistic can feel like a lonely process, but Emma made it so much easier. We first met with her as part of a family coaching session, when our daughter was in the earlier stages of diagnosis. The workshop allowed us to share how we were feeing about it all, and helped up understand our daughter so much more. What we didn’t expect was how it would help her sister; it has helped their relationship and dynamic.

We continued to work with Emma by asking her to come to our daughter’s school; to observe her in lessons and to work up some social stories for her. The time that Emma spent with not only helped us support her studies, but Emma provided some new techniques and perspectives for our daughter’s teachers. When you have a busy class filled with children with a variety of needs, sometimes things can get missed. Emma explained how the standard “phonics” style of teaching wasn’t suitable for the autistic brain. Since the school has applied a new “whole word” teaching approach, our daughter’s found a new love for books! Something we hadn’t expected before we met Emma.

We feel so much more positive, calm and hopeful after Emma’s support. We can’t thank her enough!

The Wilcox’s

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