Family-Focussed Coaching Course 

Understanding Autism & Its Place Within Your Family

A rare opportunity to enrich your family through a day of discovery, where together, you develop skills to deepen your understanding of autism, discuss individual needs, and plan communication strategies to enhance your family’s dynamic.

We Understand What You’re Going Through 

Having a child with autism is both a blessing and a heartache. 

You might have unanswered questions surrounding your child’s behaviour, anxiety or communication needs, which you feel you’re just not getting the right help with. 

To add to that, it can also be a tough time for the family. 

But, it really doesn’t have to be a tough time. 

In fact, in many cases, once your questions are answered, it can be something that strengthens you all.

It’s why we’ve created a course that answers all your questions and makes understanding autism not only an educational and eye-opening experience, but also a valuable family day out, one that truly celebrates autism and those who are embracing it.


Introducing Family-Focused – The Family-Focussed Autism Course

3 Reasons Why Family-Focussed 

Is Beneficial To Families With An Autistic Child:

[X] Traditionally, autism-focused parent courses tell you what skills you need to ‘fix’ in order to cope with your child’s condition. 

[/] Whatever stage of diagnosis you’re at, Family-Focused is a judgement-free space designed to softly help you make sense of where your family is at, understand everyone’s needs individually and come up with a communication plan that suits the entire family. 

[X] Many autism courses focus on what your child can’t or shouldn’t do.

[/] Family-Focused explores the exciting nature of your child’s view of the world and how this can positively enhance all members of the family’s enjoyment. We’ll explore your entire family’s thoughts and feelings and the impact of the journey you are all on together. 

[X] Most commonly, parent courses are for just the parents.

[/] Family-Focused is for the entire family, which we believe is the most important to achieve that strong, family dynamic. 


So, What Will You Do During The Course Of The Day?

– You’ll be introduced to every family and family member in the group 

– You’ll learn about autism and its role in your family

– You’ll then hear from each member of your family and yours and their perspective on the journey you’re on

– You’ll then be guided on approaches and strategies on how to achieve a great family dynamic taking everyone’s needs into consideration 

– Finally, you’ll be supported to develop a family communication plan 


“Emma is amazing. This course has opened up conversations in our family that we didn’t expect we needed to discuss. It’s educated us on areas of autism we didn’t know about, and we’re delighted we have an action plan to work with. The best thing, however, was being able to bring our eldest with us and having that time to sit down as a family and talk about it”

Cara Wilcox


“For us, it’s been so beneficial to have time to reflect on our journey; where our little boy has come from and where we can help him go. It’s been a great help to have a plan for the family to move forward with, and I definitely recommend this course to any parent with an autistic child, no matter where he or she is on the spectrum”


And, Most Importantly, What Will You Leave With? 

Alongside a family action plan, you will leave with a refreshed outlook and renewed confidence in your journey and knowledge on how to go on. 

You will better see each member of your family and the journey they have been on and how you can all support each other.

Prices start from £120 per family

Courses run 4 times a year – October, January, April and July 


Oldbury, West Midlands

(exact location disclosed upon booking)

Whatever stage you’re at, please be reassured that this course has been designed to give you and your family the right information, space and support to help you embrace autism for the enjoyment of every individual in the family. 

A Little Bit About The Course Leader, Emma…

Hello, I’m Emma, and I have devoted my life to autism. 

I have been a teacher of autism and other special needs for 20 years, and I also have a son with additional needs, so my work is driven from an intense passion to help others. With a genuine motivation to assist families reach their full potential, I see my work as a blessing every single day. 

It would be my pleasure to host you and your family at my next course.


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